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  1. New users and new orders support unconditional application for refund within 90 days. You will have no risk, this is our super guarantee.
  2. Old users (repeat customers) can apply for a refund within 30 days for repurchase orders. For old customers (repeat customers), we will still not neglect and continue to provide you with satisfactory services. All old customers (returning customers) were once new customers, which is fair.
  3. We accept payment through the methods provided by {/}, stripe support {amexamexamexamexamexamex}etc. You can choose any method supported by stripe. If you cannot pay normally, please contact us.
  4. When you agree to place an order, you agree to all the terms of our website by default.

For more instructions and terms, please see the bottom navigation links. In short, we will not make you feel dissatisfied and wronged, we will do our best and be sincere.

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73 reviews

This brought my fur child back to life. I tried many herbs and I figured out the difference between them. For example, Yunnan Baiyao mainly stops bleeding, relieves pain, and helps reduce swelling. I will use it in combination. Thank you Great Herbs for helping it out

Here Are the Best Dog Tumor Herbs to Choose From

It worked really well, it slowed down the growth of the tumor in the dog, it was observed

My dog had a tumor behind the ear. After the operation, I thought it would recover, but a new tumor grew later. Now I eat Baituxiao to dissolve and suppress it. I don't know how it will work yet, but hopefully no new tumors will grow. My dog does not object to eating this product.

After using Baituxiao, the dog's lump became smaller obviously, and finally he felt relieved. It's not malignant, it's a lipoma.

If a friend's dog needs it, I will recommend it to a friend

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