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Witnessing our dogs suffer from illness, loss of appetite, and low energy levels is a challenging experience for any pet owner. In our quest to improve their quality of life, turning to nature’s bounty, like the YunZhi mushroom, can offer a ray of hope.

Understanding Coriolus Versicolor: Coriolus Versicolor, commonly known as the YunZhi mushroom, is renowned for its health benefits. The active component, polysaccharide peptide (PSP), has been documented for its immune-boosting properties in both humans and animals.

Immune Health and PSP: PSP, the vital ingredient in YunZhi mushroom supplements, plays a significant role in maintaining optimum immune health. This natural compound has been the subject of numerous studies, highlighting its potential in enhancing immune responses.

Benefits for Dogs: Dogs who consume supplements derived from the YunZhi mushroom often show marked improvements in appetite, coat health, and energy levels. This natural approach can be a valuable addition to their overall health regimen.

Incorporating herbal supplements like those from the YunZhi mushroom into our pets’ diets, under veterinary guidance, can be a beneficial step in ensuring their well-being and vitality.

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This brought my fur child back to life. I tried many herbs and I figured out the difference between them. For example, Yunnan Baiyao mainly stops bleeding, relieves pain, and helps reduce swelling. I will use it in combination. Thank you Great Herbs for helping it out

Here Are the Best Dog Tumor Herbs to Choose From

It worked really well, it slowed down the growth of the tumor in the dog, it was observed

My dog had a tumor behind the ear. After the operation, I thought it would recover, but a new tumor grew later. Now I eat Baituxiao to dissolve and suppress it. I don't know how it will work yet, but hopefully no new tumors will grow. My dog does not object to eating this product.

After using Baituxiao, the dog's lump became smaller obviously, and finally he felt relieved. It's not malignant, it's a lipoma.

If a friend's dog needs it, I will recommend it to a friend


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